Here I Am!

Here I am! So sorry I have abandoned you for so many weeks. I could give you a vaque excuse of why I haven’t been around lately but I think I’ll just hit you with the truth. I’ve been pretty down lately. If you haven’t read about it before, I have depression. Not the “I get sad sometimes” kind but actual clinical depression. If you battle depression then you know even with medication, ups and downs are just part of it. If you don’t than hopefully when you’re done reading this you may have a better understanding of it that my give you compassion towards your neighbor, friend, mother or whom ever is in your life that suffers from clinical deprsssion.                                                 I thought this was a great representation of what a depressed  brain looks like and how it operates. A clinically depressed person does not produce enough of our own endorphins so we have to have them replaced with medication. This is actually wonderful news. Our awesome God gave us great knowledge to help fight this battle. Now some believers may say that our faith is weak for taking medication instead of solely relying on God to heal us of it. As the hilarious Chanda  Pierce says those people need to take their eye glasses off and see how well they can see without them. Just as He gave us Tylenol for pain, glasses to see and Brain surgeons for neurological damage he gave us antidepressants for the depressed.

  When I get low there isn’t a better illustration to represent how I feel than this one. I literally just want to lay  in a ball in my bed with my husband.  

If you haven’t ever experience depression yourself you can be a very confusing thing. Of course everyone is different but there are a few things you can do to help ease someone’s depression. You would think it would be obvious but just be kind. Be gentle with your words and actions. When your in a depressed state you just don’t want to do anything, your exhaustive and uninterested in pretty much everything. Doing anything that helps take responsibility off of them or anything that requires much energy. Cooking for your depressed loved one is a great way to help or as the picture above shows simple being with the person.    Romans 5:8 “I loved you at your darkest”

Above all other things, pray. God can and will get everyone involved through tough times. He can ease the pain and bring light to every situation. 


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