The Pad Project

As I mentioned in a previous post that I was switching the pattern of the pads I’ve been making for the girls and women in Africa. After a lot of research I found an organization called Too Little Children that is already established in Kenya, Africa that has a program called The Pad Project. Their style of pads are different from the ones we have been making in several differant ways:

– You don’t have to make as many because these are designed to dry faster therefore more girls can be blessed.

– They are shaped different so that when hanging up to dry on the line they look more like a wash cloth so that there won’t be any embarrassment.

Each girl gets two base pads and 8 liners. This allows them to wear one while the others dry. Here is an example of one that I made.

 You can go to for full instructions and print out patterns.

I just want to take a minute to remind you guys why these pads are SO important. Without your support in this project they would have to miss school once a month. There is also a stigma that goes along with this type of thing in their communities and programs like this help to bring women dignity and less embarrassment. Just imagine making it through one month when it’s your time of the month as these girls and women have had to before.


Thank you so much for your support. If you aren’t into sewing or cutting Out patterns you can be a part of this big adventure by going to or donate through paypal by going to and donationg to to help with supplies and shipping.



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