Let’s Do It Again

Let’s Do it again! Getting ready to start a new round of cloth menstrual pads for girls and women in Africa. This time around I’m wanting to donate to an organization already established and very aware of the girls needs.


You can find a full tutorial on their website and more information about the pad project. These pads are pretty different from the previous ones we have sewn so be prepared for some changes. If you still have some of the previous patterns that you didn’t have a chance to get to me don’t worry you can send those right along with these too.

Comment below and let me know if you are going to join me on this round. As always you are very appreciated!  If you don’t sew there are still ways to help! You can cut patterns for me to sew together, purchase supply’s(PUL fabric, flannel, elastic & towls or Terry cloth) or donate by clicking the PayPal link below for shipping and materials or you can simply go to PayPal.com and send funds to kara137bess@gmail.com Along with the pads the girls and women need underwear. Girls size 14/16 and women’s S & M are the most common.



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