Be His Hands & Feet

If you’ve been reading we are making cloth menstrual pads for women and girls in Africa. I’m so excited about this project and can’t wait to get the first batches shipped. I just wanted to update everyone who is helping me to make them or interested in helping. I am still waiting to hear back about exact locations and address for the destination of these pads so in the meantime I am hoping I get a HUGE amount made to send.

 Along with the pads we will be sending wet bags. Like this one that I borrowed from

I haven’t got my water proof material I ordered in yet to make them yet. If you would like to make these to they need to be 12×12 waterproof and with a draw string. Very simple.

Several people who don’t sew but want to help in a more hands on way have been asking what they can do. Cutting out the patterns would be very helping and then sending them my way to see together. If you know me personal get ahold of me and I’ll get you the pattern. If you are one of my wonderful blog followers email me at and we can talk about how you can help and how I can get you the pattern.

Thank you all for joining me in being his hands and feet! img_8318


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