Cloth Menstrual Pads

I am completely blown away by the number of people interested in our newest project of making cloth menstrual pads for girls and women in Kenya, Africa! I have my own preference for making these. I’ve been making and using them personally for about 6 months to a year now so I have found several types and styles that work best. I’m going to share a few utube videos that I think are a great style and explain how to make them really well. I do want to note that you should not make the kind that has inserts. They are too complicated for this particular project.

I just made these to give you  an example of what mine usually look like. They don’t have to be perfect but the do need to be durable so that the girls and women can get the most use out of them as possible. These few utube videos are very helpful and all four  are acceptable.

The materials you will need:

-Flannel fabric:you can use any flannel fabric. Just be sure to pick one that feels nice and absorbent. There is a “diaper flannel” that’s best but the closest place to me is in St. Louis which is a drive for me so a lot of time I use baby flannel)

– Towels or washcloths: I normally get the cheap towels from Wal-Mart for this.

-Thread of course.

-Velcrow or snaps:  I used Velcro on this particular pad just because by button snapper thing was not cooperating but normal I like to use the snaps.

In one of these three videos one of the girl hand sews but for this project I recommend a machine sewing so that they are more durable.This lady’s tutorial is basically how I make mine I just changed the shape of it a bit.


Thank you so much for taking the time out of your lives to be s part of this project. It will mean more to someone than you’ll ever know. If you have any questions feel free to comment below. If you arne’t into sewing but still want to help. Any amount  will be greatly appritiated to help with material cost and shipping. You can donate by clicking the link below. God bless you all.         img_8318


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