Women’s Ministry

I am so EXCITED to announce that A Rustic Faith Ministries is growing! We,and by we I mean God and I, because let’s be honest we are the only ones behind the scene here (for now) at A Rustic Faith. WE are starting to sew menstrual pads for girls and women in Kenya, Africa.

As some of you know when I was twenty I had the privilege of going on a missions trip to Kenya, Africa. I went with some wonderful people based out of Georgia and am still in contact with them today. With their help I was able to reach back to some of the towns that I’ve visited and they are in desperate need of menstrual pads for the young lady’s and women there. A lot of use take these simple things for granted but something like these re-usable menstrual pads can be a total game changer for someone else. When a girl or woman gets their period in Kenya they miss school and work each month because they have nothing to use. Not to mention how uncomfortable they may feel each month when Aunt Flo comes and they have NO options.

Re-usable menstrual pads are a perfect fit for me because I love sewing. If you are a fellow seamstress please consider joining me in making these! If you aren’t into sewing there are other ways you can help. By donating material or money to purchase material for the pads and to help pay for shipping. More information to coming soon! img_8318 To Donate now click the link below. Thank you in advance!



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