Sacrifice is great but don’t make your self so thirsty that you become miserable. So giving that your spirit becomes so dry that one day you’ll be so thirsty that you end up taking, taking and taking.  Don’t get me wrong sacrifice is wonderful way to show your affections. Jesus sacrificed it all for us. If you are constantly in sacrifice mode continually  denying yourself time alone. If you deny yourself hobbies. If you deny yourself rest. If you deny yourself things that bring you peace and happiness. You will end up burnt out and could one day lead to distraction. As mothers or women I feel like we were taught that sacrifice equals being a good wife for being a good mother. I know I struggle with feeling guilty for doing anything that doesn’t directly benefit my family. Its harder to see how time away from family or doing something that only you enjoy can benefit your family. How powerful it can be once you take time for yourself. Not only does it nurture your soul and wellbeing but your family will reap the benefits too. They will get to enjoy your renewed glow. Your patients will last much longer. Your general zest for life will be at a much high level. All of these things will trickle directly down to your family and loved ones.img_8482

Sacrifice is a incredible quality to have. Its one of the most caring things you can do for the ones that you love. Don’t forget you are important too. Your family’s well being depends on your wellbeing. For you to take care of them properly you have to take care of yourself properly. Easier said than done, I know, but give it a shot because your family is worth it.                       img_8318


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