I was called to be a missionary when I was a young teenager. I was specifically  called to the slums of India. I was young in my faith and scared, I didn’t listen. I wanted to follow Gods plan. I loved the idea of being a missionary but I got caught up in my own plan. My earthy wants overtook my spiritual calling and I let his dreams slip to the way side. A bit later God gave me another chance to follow his plan. I had the amazing opportunity to go on a missions trip to Kenya, Africa. Absolute amazing experience.                                          It filled my heart so full of longing to serve people in the name of Jesus.

After my missions trip in Africa I met a boy, got married, and had three sweet babies. For the last five or six years I have been pregnant or nursing or both and my babies and family have needed me by their side. Now that I have a two, four, and six-year-old there’s a little bit more physical independence. God is starting to whisper those missions that he put on my heart so long ago back into my ear. I’m not sure where this new mission adventure will take me but I am more than willing. Following God’s plan and doing what He ask you to has no comparison to your own plan, as wonderful as yours may seem. I have messed up Gods plan again and again but he will always work my poor decisions back together towards his plan as long as we are willing.  Because I chose my own path my heart will forever be torn between the comfortable and wonderful life I am living and the adventurous road God had planned. I will hold my babies tight, my daughter sleeping in my arms as I type, and while there is no better feeling in the world  my heart will ache to comfort a motherless child in a far off place I haven’t yet been. It aches to feed a family who hasn’t eaten for the day. I long to be a part of Something much bigger than myself and my tiny precious family. My family the God has so greaciously given me will and should always be my fisrt priority but I know he has made my heart big enough to hold much more.

If you have made some not so great decisions it’s never too late to start again. Join me on my journey to see where God takes me as I truly seek his plan for my life. God can always use you for his glory. All you have to do is be listening and willing. img_8318



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