Gods Fatherly Love



My handsome husband and our youngest son. A glimpse of what fatherly love looks like in the flesh.

When I became a mommy the love that took over my entire being was indescribable. Just a glance into my new sons eyes and I felt as if all my insides turned into liquid. My heart was completely melted. At the moment I first saw him I knew there was nothing I wouldn’t do for him. Even after a 24+ hour labor and a not so breezy birth, I couldn’t put him down. I couldn’t sleep. I was too excited to meet him. Sleep was the last thing I wanted to do. I didn’t want to miss any part of him now that he was here and I wanted to look at his sweet face. Since that day I’ve had a better understanding of the love that God has for me.                                As Gods children the love that he must have for us is pretty overwhelming to think of. Imagine how you feel about the person you love the most in the world and multiply that by one gazillion! He loves you so fiercely that he will discipline us just like we discipline our children and like our fathers disciplined us. He will comfort us like a father should. He will carry us when we are too tired. He loves us unconditionally. He was your first and true father, who like any good father will never steer you wrong.                                                 If you never had the chance to experience the love of an earthy father. God is here with you to be that authority that you needed so desperately but never had. He will teach you and guide you as an earthy father would. You will never be fatherless. Everything you ever needed from a man he will give you and more. His guidance and protection is far greater than any earthy being could give you. I am beyond thankful  for my dad that was hand picked for me. He is loving, generous and so much more. But he will never be able to provide ALL the things I really need. Only my Heavenly Father can do that. If he isn’t already ask God to take the role as father of your life and watch him work his magic in your heart.            Kara Bess


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