Are You Guilty? 

We are all guilty of somthing at some point in our lives. God created guilt for a reason. That reason is for our own good. He did not create it so that you can be put in your place and to feel bad about yourself. He did create it so that you can easily identify your wrong behavior. So that you can feel the strings of your heart tug and pull at you to repent and turn toward God.

Listening to the guilt that you feel by speaking the truth to yourself and God can be easier said than done. I don’t like to be wrong. It’s an issue I know. I don’t know many people who are ok with it. It is hard to even look at yourself in the mirror sometimes and be honest with your short coming. I have ran from that guilty feeling. Ran long and hard hoping to outrun the conviction. Obviously it didn’t get me anywhere. It only  prolonged my pain and hurt others around me. God ask that we do confess our sins to him. I also find great peace when confesing it to other believers as well. Not only does your guilt subside but you get a fresh start.  Stop avoiding that eeri feeling in your soul. Give into it and give into letting God heal your short comings with his grace.



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