I am petty. I am prideful. I am unworthy. I am a sinner. 

These are all things I would use to describe myself. Not things I am proud of but things that can be true. I am far from perfect. We all are far from perfection. That’s ok because even though we aren’t so awsome all the time God is. God is all of the things we wish we could be all of the time. He is perfection; selfless, thoughtful, kind, strong and he is a great example of what we can strive to be. The perfect example of what we should be. And he is our God! Mine, yours any one who accepts him. How insane is that?! We belong to him the creator of the entire universe!

     I am continually amazed that we have him to relay on NO MATTER WHAT. If we get confused or don’t know what roads to take all we have to do is ask him for guidence.  I am so thankful I don’t have to live only on my own understanding but that I can rely on his awsome knowledge and guidance.                                            Kara


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