Work Hard.Play Hard.Pray Hard 

If you live by these three simple things your life with have much more meaning. Work hard. Play hard. Pray hard. If you don’t work hard you’ll never reach any of your personal goals or the ones that God has ordained for you. All things worth having really do take hard work. If you don’t play hard you will get burnt out and never live up to your full potential. You were made not just for the daily grinned but for enjoyment. Having a good time and enjoying your life is a big part of Gods plan for you. Pray hard is kind of a give me but sometimes so easy to over look. Constant prayer will keep you connected with God so that your life my stay on course with his plan.

Of course the play hard part is my favorite but oh how I love when a day is over and I know I have really worked my tail off. It’s such a great feeling of accomplishment and knowing you have served yourself and God well that days. Praying hard should be an every day habit that will make your life more in sink with God and somthing I will bring spending more time doing.             Kara


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