Love Me For Who I Am

Over and over again we hear “I just want someone to love me for who I am”  weather you are perfection or a complete train wreck this is a true desire of our heart. Well I have some good news and some GREAT news.

Let’s talk about the good new. Our expectations of being loved for the horrific, moody, explosive, and intolerable people that we are is just not realistic. If you are aware that you can be so terrible your first priority is to work on toning down those attributes. Really focusing on bettering yourself instead of insisting someone being infatuated with your flaws. The good thing about this is that there is always room for self improvement and it can be a wonderful journey.

Now let’s talk about the GREAT news! The GREAT news is that someone already loves you for who you are. The horrific mess that is you. You are loved regardless of your bad decisions and not so awesome habits. The one who created you is not surprised by your bad behavior nor does he love you any less for it. He will stick by your side as long as you let him. God will rejoice with you as you grow and will help you conquer your worst characteristics while loving you all the while just the way you are. When you mess up and go back to your instinctual habits that are less than desirable he won’t leave your side even for one second. Let God have control of your actions and let your heart rest in him. Just be loved.

Kara Bess



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