You’re Not Enough 

You are not enough is a lie I’ve been told for most of my life. You’re not pretty enough, happy enough, funny enough, playful enough, talented enough or smart enough and that I wouldn’t ever be enough. The real kicker is that the person telling me this for all these years was me! Yep, I liked beating myself up every day. Why? Somewhere along the way my self esteem had gotten completely trampled down.  Was it because of the negative stereotypes young women have to live with. Was it someone did me wrong one too many times. Was it because I take everything that was ever said to me straight to my heart. Maybe or maybe not. I had grown accustom to my own voice reminding me daily that I wouldn’t ever measure up and that there wasn’t much use in trying.

One day this man whispered to me “darling you are enough. Your more than enough and you are mine. I love you” this mans name is Jesus. I now know I am enough. He made me enough. Through a close personal relationship with him he has shown me all the wonderful things he made me to be. I’m beautiful, talented, smart and exactly what he made me to be. Everyone may not see all these things all the time. I may even lose site of them from time to time but that’s ok because he will always be with me to remind me.  If you aren’t sure of what your made of latley or have completely lost your identity just ask him he will tell you exactly who and what you are. You won’t be disappointed.

Kara Bess


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