What Matters Most 

This is a question you know the answer to very quickly or you think you know very quickly. What matters most in your life? Your family, your partner, your kids, pets, your mind, your body the list could go on and on. When you stop to think about the most important things in your life it’s funny how life becomes so simple. There really aren’t that many things here in this home we call earth we hold near and dear to our hearts.

When faced with struggles or hard times it all becomes so much more clear. Your biggest priority in life should be your loved ones, after God of course. The details of life like bills, clothes, education and politics slowly fade into the background when you are forced to focus on the pillars of what really holds your world together. When hard times hit like sickness, death, financial ruin it will become so clear of just what is important. The people who love you and stand beside you.

Life really isn’t all that complicated. Our choices make it complicated. Live more simply by recognizing today what actually holds value in your life and put the best of your efforts into it.

So hold your love tight tonight. Kiss your kids one more time. Call your mama. Hug your dad. Say I’m sorry or say anything you’ve been needing to say. Life is short and we only get one. Sleep soundly tonight on a fluffy pillow of peace knowing you have your priorities straight.


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