His Book

 This is my bible. It has wrinkled pages and the cover isn’t vet pretty anymore. A well loved bible is the way a bible should look. If it was still perfectly pressed that would mean it is opened and read much. This book is crucial to your spiritual growth as a Christian.

For some reason I find it easier to go to church and hear a message or to say my prayers at night then to sit down and read. That doesn’t make much sense I know but it’s true. Sometimes is can be intimidating because it is so massive. I get overwmed with all the pages and sometimes dont know where to start. The bible is the most important book you will ever ready. If you’ve been avoiding the book of all books now is the time to dig in. Pray about where to start. You can never go wrong starting from the beginning or start at the New Testament it’s easier to understand. There is an answer and a guiding word for every situation you may be facing today. If you are dealing with a sickness, lost loved one, depression, unfaithfulness, loneliness, temptation or needing to be reminded of who God is I promise you his word has comfort in it for everyone of these things.  I hope this was encouraging and a reminder of how just important his word is. He wrote it just for you.

Kara Bess


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