More Than Flesh & Bones

                                                                                                         You are more than just a body, a fleshy mass of skin & bones. You are a spiritual being. More than a body that will be wasted away into dust    you have a spiritual soul that will live forever!

Getting caught up in the daily grind of keeping up your outward appearance can really start to way on your spirit.  Sometimes it can be so exhausting trying “look your best”. While your appearance is important for several reasons like; self esteem, making  good first impressions because let’s face it the world does make snap judgments and having pride in the body you have been given, by taking care of it. It is so much more important to take care of your inner self. Your spirit is what you really are. It’s the most beautiful part of you. Neglecting your spirit will lead you down a difficult road and will be much hard work restoring it.

Here are a few ways to take care of your spirit.

 1. Pray & meditate – Take the time to talk with God every single day. Find a quiet place and give yourself a chance to listen to him speak to you.

2. Take time for yourself – Take the time to do something you really enjoy doing. Your soul will get hungry if it isn’t feed. Feed it by doing what makes you happy.

 3. Letting go of the negative – everything from people, places, ideas, situations. This is easier said than done but so important. If someone makes you so miserable with negativity it’s probably time to decide weather or not they have a place in your life. If certain places are taking your life into a negative direction or stress you out stop going there! My own mind can be a negative place many times. This is why you need to keep your spirit in a positive place so that you your self can be the positivity in your life.

If you are in a state right now where you feel your spirit is completely dead,I promise you it isn’t, ask God to bring you to life. Ask him for guidance and restoration. He can take your spirit to hights it’s never known.

Kara Bess


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