Empty Realationships 

I know I’ve written about a subject similur to what i’m about to share with you today but I just know someone needs to hear it again.

I encounter so many people on a daily basis who have such a thick wall up to keep their selves safe that their quality of life is suffering. When you try so hard to guard your self from pain,  your relationships end up being empty. The lord says to guard your heart proverbs 4:23 “above all else, guard your heart” by this he means don’t let anyone and everything into your life without consideration. He does not mean keep yourself so distant that you have shallow and empty relationships. We where meant to have connections and intimate  relationships with other people. It’s a longing that we can not ignore. Give your soul a break. Give others around you the chance to get close to you. Share with them your honest feelings. Let them see your weaknesses and strengths. It will be so rewarding. I can’t promise that it won’t bite your back side because it probably will at some point but I can promise you that you will be more fulfilled than ever. Your new found freedom of openness will help  lead the right people your way.

Kara Bess


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