Perfection Is My Enemy 

Francesca Battistelli song Free To Be Me really hits home with me. She sings about how perfection is the enemy. For so long perfection has been my number one enemy.  I am an all or nothing kind of gal. I don’t know how to half way do something.  When I set my mind to something you better believe it will be done and done well. If I’m not feeling it I just don’t do it at all. This sort of mindset has the potential to help or harm. I think this part of my personality plays into the perfection aspect of it all. If I can’t do something absolutely perfect I won’t even attempt  it. If I have an ounce of doubt about a job or project I simple don’t start it because I don’t know how to “fail” gracefully.  I want every job weather it be at work, at home cooking a meal, parenting, projects to be perfect. Absolutely perfect. Pretty ridiculous huh? How arrogant of me to think I can do every single thing I’ve ever set my mind to perfectly. Really arrogant!

Finally, finally, did I say finally I had a break through. I didn’t need to be the best at EVERYTHING but just good at most.

There is so much pressure to be perfect at all things; To be a perfect cook, mother, lover, to be sweet & tough, to be a great business woman, to keep a perfectly clean house, to excel professionally while being Susie homemaker, to look perfectly primped while changing the oil in your car I really could go on and on about all the pressure we are under these days to be perfect. Perfection is unattainable. Its like chasing the wind. Be who you are and do what your best at. No reason to do what everyone thinks you should be great at. Expectations can be so draining!

I realized that I will always have a crazy fire that burns in me to be great. I pray it never goes out but I will not let it consume me to the point of being miserable. Too miserable to enjoy my life and my accomplishments. You were born with certain God given qualities use them instead of focusing on the ones he did get.

Kara Bess


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