Woman! Know Your Role

Men and women were made to be different. God created us that way. Both sexes for different purposes with unique qualities. “Woman! Know your role” is something my husband likes to say. Of course he is just being his playful and ornery self but I can find some truth in this. I do have a specific role in our relationship as does he. The sooner you figure this out the easier your life will be, I promise.

My husband and I have a more old school relationship then most of the people our age.  He does most of the work outside of the home and I do most of the work here as a housewife. I couldn’t be more thrilled that my man is a man’s man. You know a rugged just come in from the woods filthy sort of man. He is a tough, honest(brutally sometimes) and I pride myself on being a woman. I love being a woman. Taking care of our babies, cooking , sewing and all sort of other domesticated things. Don’t get me wrong I like getting my hands dirty, working hard and sweating but I do so love being a woman of the home. And having the special qualities God gave me as a woman. It can be hard to keep a good handle on your part of a relationship when everyone under the sun is telling you the opposite. After battling my own selfish inner voice that I constantly fight with to be a woman of the world I will always try to fight harder to be a woman of God. In the society we live it I understand how hard it can be finding your place as male, female and even as a person. Women are supposed to be some sort of super hero who does it all. Who plays every part and in some cases does actually have to play every part. Men are expected to be more  like women. They are expected in todays world to be more emotional, understanding, and in touch with their feminine side. God made woman out of mans rib not the other way around. By that I mean he made men in his image and us women in mans image but both being in the image of God. Am I getting too deep? I think I’ll stop on that one and let you think it over for a bit.

My point to this entire thing is that we should stop trying to fill eachothers roles and use the strengths that God gave us each. Find your place in your relationship and stay there! Stop trying to take over one another’s roles. Use your strengths and stop looking for “equality” and start living with mutual respect for eachothers place in one another’s lives.

Kara Bess


3 thoughts on “Woman! Know Your Role

  1. I just happened onto your blog through facebook. You are doing an amazing job with this project. I am a 58 year old woman who raised 5 sons ( homeschooled 4 of them for 7 years) and I know exactly what you mean with the expectation of women being superwomen. I was blessed to be able to stay home with my babies as well and there were many times society would try to make me feel as if I was less of a person because I didn’t have a “career” outside of my home. I was doing what God put me here to do and the funny part of it was…so many of the women who had the “career” were always asking me to watch their children or to start a daycare. Family needs to go back to being “families” and everyone needs to be respectful of the roles we are put here to fill.


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