T-shirt Purse

I think it’s about time to do something fun. And by fun I mean sew something! I just love making things and using my sewing machine is one of my favorite “me time” things to do. So I thought I would show you a quick tutorial on how to make a purse or bag out of an old t-shirt. It’s extremely easy and you could even do it by hand fairly quickly if you don’t have a machine. Here is what the end result will look like…

First you will need to pick out a shirt. The thicker the material the better. This is the one I picked…

I absolutely love this shirt. I’ve had it since Middle school so I think it’s time to up cycle it into something else. Next I cut off the arms and around the neck making sure to leave it all connected in one piece to avoid extra sewing. Like this…

Then I flipped it inside out so that the good sides are touching. I cute off the bottom of the shirt to the length I wanted my bag.

Lastly you sew up the bottom and sides making sure to leave the what used to be arm holes open for your handles. If you would rather a more doing shape instead of a square shape just round out your edges while sewing instead of making them so squared like mine. And that’s it! Turn it right side out and you’ve got a quick little bag.

Very easy and quick. Hope you enjoy.

Kara Bess


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